Setting The Tone For Your Wedding

Every Bride is different, especially when it comes to taste, style, and what they want for their special day. Traditional, Bohemian, Vintage, Rustic, Glamorous, and many more. All these different styles of wedding are beautiful and when combined with the right style of flowers, they can set the tone to any wedding.




Bohemian Style is known for being a fun and flowing style, although it can still have traditional flowers such as roses and Queen Anne’s Lace; it can also be made into something a little more fun and wild with Dahlias, Hanging Amaranthus, and Astillbe. Bohemian style is all about the shape of the bouquet and giving it that fun flow. Even adding some flowing satin ribbons to stream down your bouquet can give your wedding flowers the style you are looking for.



A traditional bouquet can be any color pallet, like these fun and bright spring colors combined but the traditional round clutch shape brings it together into a traditional style with all your favorite flowers! Traditional bouquets consist of your everyday favorite flowers such as Daisies, Roses, Babies breath and Alstroemeria.



Another style that is becoming more and more popular is a rustic, chic wedding style. Where the elegant roses meet the outdoorsy look that Blue Thistle and Broomcorn bring. This rounded clutch style is still left a bit wild with the greens and Lisianthus to give it that rustic feel.



This vintage look was achieved through muted tones of beautiful flowers with small bursts of peach. Accented with the pieced out gold spray painted silver dollar and the dusty look that Dusty Miller brings, this bouquet nailed the vintage look for this vintage wedding!

Looking at all the different styles of bouquets, color schemes and flowers that are chosen for these special days, I can’t help but be in shock at how much the right flowers and style can set the tone to your wedding and help achieve the vibe you are wanting. Not only does it take your wedding up a notch in elegance but it can also push the envelope to design and decor that everyone will be left talking about for years to come!

As Always Stay Blooming And Have A Petal Perfect Day!

PS. All theses photos were taken directly from the Lund Floral Designers work ❤


483 12th Street, Ogden Utah

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