The wedding of the classic red rose & the symbol of ❤️ love.

With Pinterest having just about every idea under the sun, it’s no wonder why brides spend hours and hours trying to decide on the perfect set of flowers for their special day.  Today was the wedding focused on an industry favorite and an all time classic, the red rose. A true symbol of love. 


However, the  rose wasnt the only thing that symbolized true love on this special night.  In the last couple of years , it has become more common for brides and grooms to pay tribute to loved ones that are no longer with us. You may see a memory table displaying photos, or the corsage or boutonnière that would have been worn. A locket or charm displaying the face of the ones so dear to us. But this time it was different.  Recently our groom had to say goodbye to a very special four legged friend of his. It was very important to the bride that as she displayed rememberance of her mother, that there was a way to ensure the rememberance of her mans best friend. A way that he could still be there with him as he waited patiently for the woman he was about to marry to walk down the aisle. A charm. But not just any charm, a charm with the matching paw print of his best friend.


❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Keep blooming and have a petal perfect day!

LUND FLORAL 483 12th st. Ogden, UT






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