Backyard Whimsical

What have the Lund Girls been up to this week? Well lets just say that this backyard wedding turned into a whimsical, elegant and fun design. With Pale Pink Spray Roses, Green Hydrangea, White Phlox and Silver Brunia, not only did this design take rare mixed flowers and turn it into something beautiful but it still kept to the wedding floral design that we all know and have come to love.


Looking at this photo of the Bouquet in the process of being made, many of you might not necessarily choose these flowers for your special day. And understandably so as they can be a bit intimidating for those that aren’t familiar with their shape and characteristics. I mean to be honest we all tend to stick to what we are familiar with but looking at these out of the ordinary flowers combined.. It is simply breathtaking and will have you thinking twice about what your designs will hold.

Silver Brunia


Taking a look at this flower from the side, I am sure that most of you are thinking that this does not look like a flower at all, let alone something that you would choose to be apart of your special day. But Silver Brunia is a great piece to add to any floral arrangement to give it a whimsical and chic look. In the floral world there is not a lot of flowers or items that have a grey hue and can give the antique look like this flower does. And with the trend of rustic and antique making its comeback, this flower is sure to win over your heart.

White Phlox

20170824_155853 (1).jpg

Phlox has a tall lateral and is a very free flowering plant. It can come in a variety of colors but is highly under used due to the shape of the sprouting blooms. But when they are used and added to your bouquet of flowers they can be a beautiful pure white and have a scent that will make your arrangement pop with that that gorgeous floral smell that we all want to be surrounded by.

The different tones of color and non traditional flower choices turned this backyard West Haven wedding into a whimsical dream wedding for sure. The Lund girls wrapped this design in a satin blush with a grey belt to bring out those beautiful colors. We can’t wait to see the photos of this dreamy wedding come to life! So make sure to check back in to see the final product and the updated photos.

As always, keep blooming and have a petal perfect day!

-The Lund Girls

Lund Floral

483 12th Street Ogden, UT 84404 



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