The showers have brought beautiful flowers… See what’s in our cooler. 

I am so glad we have finally had some nice warm days to enjoy the spring air. We are finally able to open up the front doors and embrace the warmth. Don’t forget the growth of 12th street traffic. “Honk” “honk” . We are grateful for the rain but with the wind we have had lately I am in much need of some sun! But without the rain, our blooms wouldn’t be strong and vibrant so come inside and take a look.. We’re open! 

In our never ending search for only the absolute best flowers grown in California and across the world I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. Today I have the top 5 spring sellers from last week so lets get viewing!

The Peony

California grown the coral charm peony has topped the charts for the season. With its 5 day changes its no secret of why we have selected it as our number one. From our friends at Mayesh and CB Wholesale Floral we bring you the 5 days in the life of a coral charm peony.


Just when you thought there was a filter, we captured these…   

(Put these babies in reverse)

 Next up

The Ranunculus 

Current variety is from Holland but also available #americangrown from California and even locally here in Ogden, Utah.    

Ranging from the size of a nickel to the size of a fifty cent piece we have nominated these beauties to be number 2. 

 The California grown creations that have won us over for spot number 3 comes from our friends at Skyline.
The Anemone

May being the peak season for these blooms makes it extremely popular and in high demand for spring weddings. 

Representing straight out of Ogden,Utah from our friend around the corner, we introduce you one of Tom’s prized possessions and our #4 

The Sweet Pea


With its bright vibrant colors and its strong fragrance these little beauties bring a strong bunch to the spring garden. 

Last but not least back by popular demand and available year round we couldn’t help but have these wonderful creations on earth snag our top 5 list. 

The Garden Rose

With availability from the well known David Austin and Alaxandra rose farm we have chosen to go with our friends Eufloria Flowers from Nipomo, California and their beautiful garden rose colaberation.

I hope you have enjoyed the views of our top 5 spring sellers and don’t forget our door is always open for free smells. 

Until next time. Keep blooming and have a petal perfect day! 



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