Aka: The one who does the hussle while the boss does… Well ya know, whatever it is the boss does.

So this week is Administrative Professionals week also known as secretaries and assistants day. I like to call it the day to give a shout out and show some appreciation for who helps keep the boss grounded and things in order. In other words the people that make your life so much easier. I like this day because I am a huge fan of showing appreciation to your employees. They need to have a few more employee appreciation days. Each company does things differently and in their own way for example Lund Floral does them monthly. But we will save that topic for another day. Back to this weeks designs.  We wanted to spice up the trends this year for the holiday so we have put together a few very affordable ideas. First off we incorporated the infamous succulents because you know I am Obsessed with them.

Yes! We see you 9-5er. We have a pick just for you! Next we wanted to bring in the fun vintage yet modern colored bottles. They are a hue hit this year in weddings, decor and everyday use. We located these beauties from our friends at Burton and Burton.  

They come in 6 different colors. 

However, We couldn’t leave out our more traditional flower lovers. You can never go wrong with some Daisies, Roses and an all time favorite the Gerbera Daisy. 

Now here is the catch! The assistant is the one who lets the big boss know their schedule for the week right? Well don’t be afraid to pencil in Secretaries Day on Wednesday better yet just go ahead and Pencil Lund Floral right on the same tab 😜.  We hope all you hard working people have a petal perfect week! Don’t work too hard, but remember to bloom and we will continue to find the perfect petals just for you!!



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