Succulent Gardens and a sneak peek of Cactus and Cocktails:

Morning Everyone! I didn’t post an update last Sunday. It was Easter and I really wanted to focus on spending the day with my family. Business is very important to me however, spending the Holidays with my young kids is very important to me as well. So let’s get back to business..

Every week I get so excited about writing blogs and sharing  things we have been doing in the flower shop or fun projects to do at home. This week I have seriously been on a succulent garden kick! We have made some fun changes in our plant department at Lund Floral. If you haven’t been in our store recently, we have just introduced a new and improved succulent section. We have always offered succulents in with our traditional plants but now we have added a special home for them.  

And to add even more awesomeness to the mix we have a “Design your own garden” option. What does that intel you ask? It’s simple.. You select your container. (we have TONS of options including recycled books, stone & ceramic dishes, rocks, lanterns, glass and many more) Next you will select your succulents. Sizes ranging from 2″-6″ and your toppings! Our most popular toppings would be our river rocks, moss and bark however we also offer colored pebbles, vermiculite and sand. Maybe even raw soil is the look you are going for. 


Since design space is limited, we are doing the assembly for now. However,  we do have In-house workshops scheduled and have also introduced Cactus and Cocktails that we will get to later.  Our most popular size of succulent gardens are our medium  gardens priced around $35.00. Here is the breakdown. $5.00 per succulent chosen (2″ & 4″). $5.00 for soil and topping and then the cost of your container. Break it down

  • 3 succulents x $5.00 = $15.00
  • 1 soil & topping mix = $  5.00
  • 1 med. Container      = $12.00

                                   Subtotal $32.00 + Tax

Container prices vary from $10.00 on up. 

We are looking into adding a “build your own” table in the future. 

Now for the part you have all been waiting for. THE SNEAK PEEK!!!


Cactus & Cocktails



Let loose with a cocktail or two (or three, we won’t tell) and bring out the inner artist in you.  Grab your girlfriends, husband, neighbors, everyone! Come join us in creating a  cactus and succulent garden.  A night full of great company, lots of laughs and delicious drinks. MUST BE 21 years of age with valid ID. No exceptions. Locations will vary for each event. 

This is a hands on event you won’t want to miss. We will provide hand coverings and aprons, but we do like it messy. Keep your delicate little hands at home, and come prepared to dig in! 

More details to come…

If you know us.. Which you do, probably a little to well.. You know we love doing things with the Littles.We will also be offering Cactus and Capri Suns night but space is very limited. 

More details to come as Lund Floral works out all the thorns with the city regulations. 

Until next week..Keep Blooming and enjoy all the Perfect Petals in your lives. 


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