That Time Of The Year Again!

It’s that time of the year again. The running around for brief appearances, the family events and the dinner parties! With all the chaos about, and the never-ending stress of constant planning, the best part of the holidays, besides being together with all your loved ones, is getting to decorate and show off your style! (;


We all plan what ten side dishes we are going to make and lets not forget about how we are going to cook our ham or turkey for our Thanksgiving Feast but what about that little Umph that will take your dinner party to the next level. Those beautiful floral center pieces that will not only draw the eye of your guests and have them wondering how you do what you do but also that key piece of the puzzle that will set your Thanksgiving apart from all the rest.



Some perfect elements to think about for your pieces would be Berries,  Preserved Oak Leaves, Flowing greens and if you are really wanting to wow your guests then Roses are always a traditional yet favorite eye catcher. Something that you may want to consider when choosing your floral center pieces would be the tone you are trying to set for your party and also that although it may be in doors with a controlled temperature environment, the cooking and all the body heat can definitely have an effect on the flowers and their life span. Some flowers to not choose for this specific occasion would be Gerberas, Hydrangeas, Dahlias, and other flowers in these families that cannot stand the warmer climate that a dinner party may entail.


Center piece arrangements, no matter how simple or extravagant you will go this holiday season can take any regular get together to a grand dinner party. A fall center piece with autumn tones in all variety of flowers is something that every holiday party needs this year!


Setting The Tone For Your Wedding

Every Bride is different, especially when it comes to taste, style, and what they want for their special day. Traditional, Bohemian, Vintage, Rustic, Glamorous, and many more. All these different styles of wedding are beautiful and when combined with the right style of flowers, they can set the tone to any wedding.




Bohemian Style is known for being a fun and flowing style, although it can still have traditional flowers such as roses and Queen Anne’s Lace; it can also be made into something a little more fun and wild with Dahlias, Hanging Amaranthus, and Astillbe. Bohemian style is all about the shape of the bouquet and giving it that fun flow. Even adding some flowing satin ribbons to stream down your bouquet can give your wedding flowers the style you are looking for.



A traditional bouquet can be any color pallet, like these fun and bright spring colors combined but the traditional round clutch shape brings it together into a traditional style with all your favorite flowers! Traditional bouquets consist of your everyday favorite flowers such as Daisies, Roses, Babies breath and Alstroemeria.



Another style that is becoming more and more popular is a rustic, chic wedding style. Where the elegant roses meet the outdoorsy look that Blue Thistle and Broomcorn bring. This rounded clutch style is still left a bit wild with the greens and Lisianthus to give it that rustic feel.



This vintage look was achieved through muted tones of beautiful flowers with small bursts of peach. Accented with the pieced out gold spray painted silver dollar and the dusty look that Dusty Miller brings, this bouquet nailed the vintage look for this vintage wedding!

Looking at all the different styles of bouquets, color schemes and flowers that are chosen for these special days, I can’t help but be in shock at how much the right flowers and style can set the tone to your wedding and help achieve the vibe you are wanting. Not only does it take your wedding up a notch in elegance but it can also push the envelope to design and decor that everyone will be left talking about for years to come!

As Always Stay Blooming And Have A Petal Perfect Day!

PS. All theses photos were taken directly from the Lund Floral Designers work ❤


483 12th Street, Ogden Utah

The wedding of the classic red rose & the symbol of ❤️ love.

With Pinterest having just about every idea under the sun, it’s no wonder why brides spend hours and hours trying to decide on the perfect set of flowers for their special day.  Today was the wedding focused on an industry favorite and an all time classic, the red rose. A true symbol of love. 


However, the  rose wasnt the only thing that symbolized true love on this special night.  In the last couple of years , it has become more common for brides and grooms to pay tribute to loved ones that are no longer with us. You may see a memory table displaying photos, or the corsage or boutonnière that would have been worn. A locket or charm displaying the face of the ones so dear to us. But this time it was different.  Recently our groom had to say goodbye to a very special four legged friend of his. It was very important to the bride that as she displayed rememberance of her mother, that there was a way to ensure the rememberance of her mans best friend. A way that he could still be there with him as he waited patiently for the woman he was about to marry to walk down the aisle. A charm. But not just any charm, a charm with the matching paw print of his best friend.


❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Keep blooming and have a petal perfect day!

LUND FLORAL 483 12th st. Ogden, UT






Backyard Whimsical

What have the Lund Girls been up to this week? Well lets just say that this backyard wedding turned into a whimsical, elegant and fun design. With Pale Pink Spray Roses, Green Hydrangea, White Phlox and Silver Brunia, not only did this design take rare mixed flowers and turn it into something beautiful but it still kept to the wedding floral design that we all know and have come to love.


Looking at this photo of the Bouquet in the process of being made, many of you might not necessarily choose these flowers for your special day. And understandably so as they can be a bit intimidating for those that aren’t familiar with their shape and characteristics. I mean to be honest we all tend to stick to what we are familiar with but looking at these out of the ordinary flowers combined.. It is simply breathtaking and will have you thinking twice about what your designs will hold.

Silver Brunia


Taking a look at this flower from the side, I am sure that most of you are thinking that this does not look like a flower at all, let alone something that you would choose to be apart of your special day. But Silver Brunia is a great piece to add to any floral arrangement to give it a whimsical and chic look. In the floral world there is not a lot of flowers or items that have a grey hue and can give the antique look like this flower does. And with the trend of rustic and antique making its comeback, this flower is sure to win over your heart.

White Phlox

20170824_155853 (1).jpg

Phlox has a tall lateral and is a very free flowering plant. It can come in a variety of colors but is highly under used due to the shape of the sprouting blooms. But when they are used and added to your bouquet of flowers they can be a beautiful pure white and have a scent that will make your arrangement pop with that that gorgeous floral smell that we all want to be surrounded by.

The different tones of color and non traditional flower choices turned this backyard West Haven wedding into a whimsical dream wedding for sure. The Lund girls wrapped this design in a satin blush with a grey belt to bring out those beautiful colors. We can’t wait to see the photos of this dreamy wedding come to life! So make sure to check back in to see the final product and the updated photos.

As always, keep blooming and have a petal perfect day!

-The Lund Girls

Lund Floral

483 12th Street Ogden, UT 84404 



Hello Stranger

Hey stranger where have you been?? We have been so crazy busy with life and business, it has been a while since I have had a moment to just pause and actually write about what is going on with the Lund Floral family. There is so much to catch you up on I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s just jump right into some of the fun things we have launched since we last spoke. We have introduced an entire new gift line “GIFTS by Lund Floral”. Check out the Website. The concept behind the new gift line is to offer our consumers the complete gift giving experience with Same Day delivery. We are in a time where everything is at our finger tips and our schedules are packed full and a lot of the time we don’t have time to do some of the more simple things like picking up a gift to send to sally for her birthday. Our Gift line is packed with gifts for couples, men, women, families and kids. Our biggest sellers being our bath line featuring spa baskets, bath bombs, hand-made lotions and soaps to really emphasize on allowing the individual to take time out of their day to relax. We also have a very big seller in the gentlemens department out “Gentlemens box”.  There are 4 different styles of boxes featuring anything from soda and snacks to the black tie box including skinny ties cologne and cufflinks.


This takes gift giving to a new expedited level that is backed with our amazing Same Day delivery service.

Our gift line is also customizable. We allow the client to shop online and create a basket or box featuring items they want to include. This allows the sender to shop for a more personal gift but still have it hand delivered to the recipient in a matter of hours. The sender is also able to send a handwritten enclosure card along with their gift.  From the experts of gift delivery Lund Floral has you covered.



The Charity Bouquet

As we conclude our 37th year of business and have our wonderful community to thank for it, we have once again brought in another way to be a part of the community by adding a very special section to our website. We will be featuring 8 local charities and 50% of the proceeds will be going to them directly. They will have a individualized bouquet to represent  each group. All details are still in the works and each charity has a direct relationship with us at Lund Floral. Out first 4 choices are… 

Hopes Rescue :

A Dog and Cat Rescue in Utah – Saving lives one at a time!

“Hope’s Rescue is a group of people who are dedicated to saving as many dogs and cats as we can from Utah’s shelters. We believe that companion animals are family and that they deserve our stewardship and care.”

Boys and Girls Club:

“Boys & Girls Clubs of Weber-Davis serves over 1000 children per year throughout Weber & Davis Counties. Growing up in today’s world isn’t easy. For many kids in our community, it’s tougher than you might think. Thankfully, we can help our youth by providing positive alternatives to crime, gangs and drugs. ”

Ogden Pride :

“Ogden Pride celebrates and supports the LGBT community, individuals and their families and allies in Northern Utah in building and strengthening inclusive communities. We are committed to excellence in advocacy, educational programs and services.”

Project Stop Bullying :
Website information to come…

Although we would like to help all our local charities we are working through our nominations and making several decisions for our next 4 charities that will be featured on our website. 

Stay tuned and watch for the charity bouquet section to launch on our website next week. 🙂 

Until next time keep blooming and have a day full of perfect petals. 😉


The showers have brought beautiful flowers… See what’s in our cooler. 

I am so glad we have finally had some nice warm days to enjoy the spring air. We are finally able to open up the front doors and embrace the warmth. Don’t forget the growth of 12th street traffic. “Honk” “honk” . We are grateful for the rain but with the wind we have had lately I am in much need of some sun! But without the rain, our blooms wouldn’t be strong and vibrant so come inside and take a look.. We’re open! 

In our never ending search for only the absolute best flowers grown in California and across the world I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. Today I have the top 5 spring sellers from last week so lets get viewing!

The Peony

California grown the coral charm peony has topped the charts for the season. With its 5 day changes its no secret of why we have selected it as our number one. From our friends at Mayesh and CB Wholesale Floral we bring you the 5 days in the life of a coral charm peony.


Just when you thought there was a filter, we captured these…   

(Put these babies in reverse)

 Next up

The Ranunculus 

Current variety is from Holland but also available #americangrown from California and even locally here in Ogden, Utah.    

Ranging from the size of a nickel to the size of a fifty cent piece we have nominated these beauties to be number 2. 

 The California grown creations that have won us over for spot number 3 comes from our friends at Skyline.
The Anemone

May being the peak season for these blooms makes it extremely popular and in high demand for spring weddings. 

Representing straight out of Ogden,Utah from our friend around the corner, we introduce you one of Tom’s prized possessions and our #4 

The Sweet Pea


With its bright vibrant colors and its strong fragrance these little beauties bring a strong bunch to the spring garden. 

Last but not least back by popular demand and available year round we couldn’t help but have these wonderful creations on earth snag our top 5 list. 

The Garden Rose

With availability from the well known David Austin and Alaxandra rose farm we have chosen to go with our friends Eufloria Flowers from Nipomo, California and their beautiful garden rose colaberation.

I hope you have enjoyed the views of our top 5 spring sellers and don’t forget our door is always open for free smells. 

Until next time. Keep blooming and have a petal perfect day! 



Aka: The one who does the hussle while the boss does… Well ya know, whatever it is the boss does.

So this week is Administrative Professionals week also known as secretaries and assistants day. I like to call it the day to give a shout out and show some appreciation for who helps keep the boss grounded and things in order. In other words the people that make your life so much easier. I like this day because I am a huge fan of showing appreciation to your employees. They need to have a few more employee appreciation days. Each company does things differently and in their own way for example Lund Floral does them monthly. But we will save that topic for another day. Back to this weeks designs.  We wanted to spice up the trends this year for the holiday so we have put together a few very affordable ideas. First off we incorporated the infamous succulents because you know I am Obsessed with them.

Yes! We see you 9-5er. We have a pick just for you! Next we wanted to bring in the fun vintage yet modern colored bottles. They are a hue hit this year in weddings, decor and everyday use. We located these beauties from our friends at Burton and Burton.  

They come in 6 different colors. 

However, We couldn’t leave out our more traditional flower lovers. You can never go wrong with some Daisies, Roses and an all time favorite the Gerbera Daisy. 

Now here is the catch! The assistant is the one who lets the big boss know their schedule for the week right? Well don’t be afraid to pencil in Secretaries Day on Wednesday better yet just go ahead and Pencil Lund Floral right on the same tab 😜.  We hope all you hard working people have a petal perfect week! Don’t work too hard, but remember to bloom and we will continue to find the perfect petals just for you!!



Vintage Royalty

Since wedding season is already well under way it only seems appropriate to share with you some recent wedding work. Introducing to you one of my favorite combinations that I like to call the Vintage Royalty designed for our bride M.  

This bouquet reminds me of royalty not only for its size and color but for all the varieties of texture. I also love the deep rich colors of the chocolate dahlia mixed with the burgundy Dahlia to be opposite of the pale peach ivory color found in the Sahara roses. 

To help add another pop of color M. Approved a last minute adjustment to add in the true peach rose that really helped everything stand out and in my opinion take the whole bouquet to another level of beauty. 

The bridal colors were burgundy, pale peach, and gold. With lanterns on the table tops in a garden center venue it was crucial to keep everything as natural as possible. Adding in gold jewels or rhinestones would have changed the over all look of what we were after. So on rare occassion, this being one of them we took to the floral paint to coat the wax flower to add in the pop of gold. Gold, royalty, this bridal bouquet is fit for a queen!! 


The many textures in this bouquet would be credited to the Agonis bringing in the dark leaf flow. The very popular Seeded eucalyptus found in lots of bridal bouquets and the White mini Alba.  All hand tied together with Dusty Miller round and gold metallic.

To find more images from this bridal. Visit our bridal section of Lund Floral Weddings. Also get informed with our new wedding site Petal Perfect Weddings

Thank you for your love, keep blooming and have a perfect petal day!! 



Succulent Gardens and a sneak peek of Cactus and Cocktails:

Morning Everyone! I didn’t post an update last Sunday. It was Easter and I really wanted to focus on spending the day with my family. Business is very important to me however, spending the Holidays with my young kids is very important to me as well. So let’s get back to business..

Every week I get so excited about writing blogs and sharing  things we have been doing in the flower shop or fun projects to do at home. This week I have seriously been on a succulent garden kick! We have made some fun changes in our plant department at Lund Floral. If you haven’t been in our store recently, we have just introduced a new and improved succulent section. We have always offered succulents in with our traditional plants but now we have added a special home for them.  

And to add even more awesomeness to the mix we have a “Design your own garden” option. What does that intel you ask? It’s simple.. You select your container. (we have TONS of options including recycled books, stone & ceramic dishes, rocks, lanterns, glass and many more) Next you will select your succulents. Sizes ranging from 2″-6″ and your toppings! Our most popular toppings would be our river rocks, moss and bark however we also offer colored pebbles, vermiculite and sand. Maybe even raw soil is the look you are going for. 


Since design space is limited, we are doing the assembly for now. However,  we do have In-house workshops scheduled and have also introduced Cactus and Cocktails that we will get to later.  Our most popular size of succulent gardens are our medium  gardens priced around $35.00. Here is the breakdown. $5.00 per succulent chosen (2″ & 4″). $5.00 for soil and topping and then the cost of your container. Break it down

  • 3 succulents x $5.00 = $15.00
  • 1 soil & topping mix = $  5.00
  • 1 med. Container      = $12.00

                                   Subtotal $32.00 + Tax

Container prices vary from $10.00 on up. 

We are looking into adding a “build your own” table in the future. 

Now for the part you have all been waiting for. THE SNEAK PEEK!!!


Cactus & Cocktails



Let loose with a cocktail or two (or three, we won’t tell) and bring out the inner artist in you.  Grab your girlfriends, husband, neighbors, everyone! Come join us in creating a  cactus and succulent garden.  A night full of great company, lots of laughs and delicious drinks. MUST BE 21 years of age with valid ID. No exceptions. Locations will vary for each event. 

This is a hands on event you won’t want to miss. We will provide hand coverings and aprons, but we do like it messy. Keep your delicate little hands at home, and come prepared to dig in! 

More details to come…

If you know us.. Which you do, probably a little to well.. You know we love doing things with the Littles.We will also be offering Cactus and Capri Suns night but space is very limited. 

More details to come as Lund Floral works out all the thorns with the city regulations. 

Until next week..Keep Blooming and enjoy all the Perfect Petals in your lives.